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A micro-influencer, what is it for (really)?

For Raphaël Demnard, co-founder of the Sampleo agency, the answer is simple: « The micro-influence is mainly

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With the global social distancing implemented due to the current pandemic, one could expect a social

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From green branding to real green influence For brands, the challenge of 2020 mainly is to

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  Podcasting is a huge trend dedicated to audio-blogging. How do we know for sure? Simple.

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Today, younger generations are loyal to social media. They split their time between iconic one’s like

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  This year, the famous social network Instagram announced the removal of likes on its platform.

Digital detox: to more relevant content

  According to a study conducted by Deloitte, French people consult their smartphones 26.6 times a

POEM model: how brands can develop their visibility?

  The POEM model – Paid, Owned and Earned Media – makes it possible to classify