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3 influencer campaigns ideas for business recovery

While the sanitary crisis is still in everyone’s mind, a majority of countries are on the

Antifragile: What Does This Mean For the Influencer Business?

Antifragile is a concept you will love if your company is going through hard times.  It

Nano-influence, what the heck is this?

You may know about advertising and influencers. You may  even know about inbound marketing.   But

[Survey] Kantar x Sampleo: “Ethics are not made to be chic.” 

The Kantar Institute and Sampleo recently introduced the results of a common survey on “The Future

Is teleworking a good deal for business?

As the national and international situation evolve with COVID-19, companies are facing hard-to-make decisions. Contracts are

Afterwards: to flip a bit or reboot? (2/2)

After 3 weeks of quarantine, companies’ reactivity is as high as the stakes: remote work, temporary

Green influence is the new black

From green branding to real green influence For brands, the challenge of 2020 mainly is to

Podcasts are back to last

  Podcasting is a huge trend dedicated to audio-blogging. How do we know for sure? Simple.

How to maximize your online and offline campaigns?

  During our breakfast on the complementarity of influences, Sampleo had the chance to welcome Pauline

Our Andros campaign: giving consumers a voice

  In 2018, Sampleo supported the Andros brand in promoting its new dessert Andros Gourmand et