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2020: Those trends no one talks about! Green influence (3/3)

From green branding to real green influence For brands, the challenge of 2020 mainly is to

2020: Those trends no one talks about! Podcasts are the new black (2/3)

  Podcasting is a huge trend dedicated to audio-blogging. How do we know for sure? Simple.

How to maximize your online and offline campaigns?

  During our breakfast on the complementarity of influences, Sampleo had the chance to welcome Pauline

Our Andros campaign: giving consumers a voice

  In 2018, Sampleo supported the Andros brand in promoting its new dessert Andros Gourmand et

What is the impact of a nano-influence campaign in the Food industry ?

With an increasing mistrust of Internet users regarding the content published by brands, UGC (User Generated

Our nano-influence campaign with LaNeige

In order to develop its reputation on the European continent, LaNeige has chosen to conduct a

The complementarity of the influence layers

  Nowadays there are three different layers of influence to meet different objectives: from UGC published

Our nano-influence campaign with the PUIG group

The Sampleo team has had the opportunity to work with the PUIG group to set several