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Our nano-influence campaign with LaNeige

In order to develop its reputation on the European continent, LaNeige has chosen to conduct a

The complementarity of the influence layers

  Nowadays there are three different layers of influence to meet different objectives: from UGC published

Micro-influence, the new marketing tool for restaurateurs

  The challenge in the restaurant industry is the difficulty of conveying the flavour of the

Influence in China: a booming market

With exponential growth, the influence market in China has become one of the main communication levers

Influence, the new marketing tool for CSR

  The emergence of awareness of the climate emergency has prompted brands to completely review their

Our nano-influence campaign with the PUIG group

The Sampleo team has had the opportunity to work with the PUIG group to set several

The emergence of virtual influencers on Instagram

Over the past three years, the digital world has been marked by the emergence of a

AI, a must on the influence market

According to a study from Deloitte, 87% of the firms will use AI software by 2020,

The influence in the tourism industry: the era of the journey 2.0

  Tourism is increasingly turning to influence marketing, whether it is macro, micro or nano-influence, discover

Amazon become the world’s leading company

Amazon, a member of the GAFA, an online commerce giant, led by the world’s richest man