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The power of Ratings & Reviews

  85% of Internet users consult online reviews to find out about a product. Ratings &

Micro-influence, the new marketing tool for restaurateurs

  The challenge in the restaurant industry is the difficulty of conveying the flavour of the

Influence, the new marketing tool for CSR

  The emergence of awareness of the climate emergency has prompted brands to completely review their

Our nano-influence campaign with the PUIG group

The Sampleo team has had the opportunity to work with the PUIG group to set several

AI, a must on the influence market

According to a study from Deloitte, 87% of the firms will use AI software by 2020,

The influence in the tourism industry: the era of the journey 2.0

  Tourism is increasingly turning to influence marketing, whether it is macro, micro or nano-influence, discover

Beauty and nano-influence : an effective duo

  « The future of beauty will be personal, connected and natural » – this is what Nielsen

Beauty under micro-influence

Microinfluence is increasingly embedded in brand strategies. This layer allows you to communicate with loyal and

Why you need to do influence in food sector ?

Influence Marketing is a fast growing sector of activity that could reach 20 billion euros by

What is nanoinfluence and what does it bring to brands?

  With the loss of trust in brands and the rise of digital, marketing and communication