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2020: Those trends no one talks about! Green influence (3/3)

From green branding to real green influence For brands, the challenge of 2020 mainly is to

2020: Those trends no one talks about! Podcasts are the new black (2/3)

  Podcasting is a huge trend dedicated to audio-blogging. How do we know for sure? Simple.

Those trends no one talks about: Youth and data (1/3)

Today, younger generations are loyal to social media. They split their time between iconic one’s like

The end of likes on Instagram : risk or opportunity?

  This year, the famous social network Instagram announced the removal of likes on its platform.

How to maximize your online and offline campaigns?

  During our breakfast on the complementarity of influences, Sampleo had the chance to welcome Pauline

Digital detox: to more relevant content

  According to a study conducted by Deloitte, French people consult their smartphones 26.6 times a

Our Andros campaign: giving consumers a voice

  In 2018, Sampleo supported the Andros brand in promoting its new dessert Andros Gourmand et

How to boost your digital strategy with events with microinfluencers?

  With an average engagement rate of 4%, microinfluencers, specialized in a particular field – whether

What are the different steps to follow to improve your brand image?

  According to an Edelman study, only one-third of consumers trust the brands they buy. This

User Generated Content: why is it THE new conversion lever?

  Consumers’ growing mistrust of traditional means of communication and their developing confidence on the opinions