3 influencer campaigns ideas for business recovery

  While the sanitary crisis is still in everyone’s mind, a majority of countries are on the right track to progressively get out of it. For companies, this means new instructions regarding working conditions as offices  reopen. This also means partial or full recovery of business activities to try makeup for for the last 3 months’ financial losses. 

In this context, it is fair to ask which is the safest way to engage with digital marketing again?

Influence marketing may not have convinced managers as a whole, but it clearly passed the lockdown’s test. It offered an efficient supply of support messages from brands, while providing a medium for prevention messages and entertainment content for digital audiences. Influencers are, today, getting out of this crisis with communities even more demanding for content and experiences.

Here is, indeed, a unique opportunity for brands to adopt innovative and profitable partnerships. In order to help you through this moment of uneasy decision-making, here are 3 possible influence campaigns tactics you can pick from in order to start a safe and (if not comfy) recovery:


1/ Play safe with mixed influencers’ activations on Instagram

Instagrammers are among the winners of the lockdown event – in spite of the numerous cancellation of partnerships they faced. Indeed, social distancing measures impacted global social media consumption. According to a study conducted by Fohr with influencers from their talent pool, 76% of influencers observed an increase of engagement rate of their audience in the last 3 months. As Summer is coming, we did and still do experience a transitional state of consuming as far as sanitary loosen.

It’s now high time to take advantage of this positive organic trend to work on brand awareness and brand image thanks to quality activations for your target audience. By putting together a team of brand ambassadors – mixing micro and mid influencers for example – you’ll get the opportunity to:

first showcase your campaign directly to your target audience thanks to theme experts micro influencers,

second, amplify the reach of your message to a larger niche audience with mid influencers.


2/ Bet on reliable Word Of Mouth with nano influencers

Your next passionate consumers are the ones who will build your brand image for the future, … if inspired first by your current advocates, of course. The power of recommendation of your brand fans, is therefore very  strong. As it is natural, spontaneous, it converts them into genuine influencers as they test products and comment right away. And their opinion is heard and read. In fact, no less than 88% of consumers seek for ratings and reviews before buying a product. 

In this crisis, you may have looked for ways to consolidate a trustworthy relationship with your target audiences. The idea of activating nano influence is a good first step. Why? Simply because product testing generates content around the products and allows brands to achieve their objectives in a simple way. This solution helps strengthen an authentic reputation as well as uplifting the sales by launching strategic conversations. Let’s note – by the way – that this impact is possible because nano influence goes beyond digital marketing, and relies on online and offline generated content – through casual day-to-day conversations.

Let’s not forget that a nano influence campaign is also an occasion to launch fun concepts around product testing to your ambassadors. Don’t forget, creative UGC (“User Generated Content”) thrives in creative influencer campaigns contexts. 


 3/ Why not give Tik-Tok a try and play it a bit riskier (just a tiny bit)?

Beyond the different stages of influence you can activate depending on your brand objectives, this crisis brought to light interesting new playgrounds for brands. Even if Tik Tok had already exploded before the Covid-19 crisis, this lockdown played a great part in making it a “mainstream” social media. In a matter of only 3 months, Tik Tok went from an exclusively teen-focused platform to a social media platform gathering all age groups like Youtube, Instagram, Twitter. Today, it also rounds up all levels of the influence pyramid. Tik Tok even enticed new communities for which previous mainstream platforms hadn’t been able to provide an adequate content format.  Comedians, magicians and artisans for example, gained a new found audience thanks to the format of Tik Tok videos, particularly adapted to their core business. Family, lifestyle influencers and celebrities also joined the Chinese network and brought their communities with them. The algorithm of the “For You” tab, main place of content consumption for users, has a single principle of virality. Developing challenges, tutorials, branded filters ensures a large reach and a strong engagement rate for brands. But this platform still is very far from a marketing campaigns’ overload like Instagram. Within this context, and with the help of ultra engaging influencers from Tik Tok, ultra-innovative and unexpected content can still be developed and marketplaces can still be taken.



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