Nano-influence, what the heck is this?

You may know about advertising and influencers.

You may  even know about inbound marketing.


But do you know about nano-influence or brand advocacy?

Well, let’s start from the beginning.


What does influence stand for? 

The definition for influence is simple. 


It is  the capacity of one consumer to say to another “this is good”. Therefore, this is the capacity of a consumer to impact the sales of a brand and its reputation, by sharing a review at his own scale.

Today, influence is no isolated review. A wide cluster of various impressions exist, made out of contents and ratings of a products.


In business, this word of mouth, this social recommandation somewhat plain and usual is called influence and is used as a marketing strategy. 

This may not seem much, but that’s a lot. 


In 2020, influence became of of the best performing marketing practices.



  • 94 % of marketing professionals consider influence as a efficient means.
  • 83% of influencer campaigns have positive ROI for the brand and lift the sales up to 5,7%. 

Why? Because:

  • 92 % of consumers are more willing to trust a human being than a brand. 



  •  6,5 billion dollars are currently dedicated to influence within marketing departments.
  • + than 320 influence agencies have been created throughout the world within the last 12 months.



What is nano-influence, then? 


Nano-influence campaigns are campaigns of brand advocacy, focused on spreading Word Of Mouth (WOM) on a product. This is the oldest form of marketing there is -and also the most efficient!

Nano-influence is therefore a peer-to-peer technic of recommendation happening online – on social media and e-shops for example. It also happens offline by simply chatting while queuing at the store, hanging out with family or friends or even at the office around a cup of coffee.

Nano-influence is perceived as a type of recommendation that is spontaneous and authentic as it is unpaid (though product are gifted, or voucher give).


Nano-influence is a marketing practice that can be summed up into 3 words:

  • Ultra-targeted

Technically, a nano-influencer is someone that has a following inferior to 1K. Social accounts are often private and the number of friends restricted.

This community is confidential and benefit from a high engagement rate:

-5,60% from 0-1K followers.

-4,55% from 1-5K followers.


But why? After all, why would this audience be more captive that others?

Quite simply because each of everyone of us,even if we are not well-known or famous per se, are considered as trustworthy “personalities” in our own circles by our family and friends.


  • Human-scaled

The power of nano-influence is to provide a marketing practice that is made H2H (‘Human To Human’). 

For that matter, Pauline Bony, the founder of the cosmetic brand Saeve, noted that “the brand [was] more interested in real people testing the product 60 times/month than paying for a well-known star or model to barely use it during a photoshoot.”



Let’s not forget that ratings and reviews also have a true conversion value:

91% of consumers aged from 18 à 34 years-old are trusting online reviews and personal recommendations the same way 

-The first 10 reviews have a direct impact on purchase intents

-Reviews are particularly good to boost the sales of expansive or high-tech products, so to say, those with many specifics.

Let’s not forget that a balance in the tone of reviews is to be found: happy and unhappy customers are to be welcomed -even unhappy ones are often more keen to leave a comment.

Keep in mind that having varied reviews is a guarantee to convey a trust and credibility to the brand. This equilibrium remains, for sure, goal for lots of e-shops. 


  • Data-rich

Nano-influencers are unpaid consumers putting your product to the test. Therefore, their insights cannot be more precious, pragmatic and authentic. 

Less obvious than posts or product evaluations, these insights are valuable ways to know the way to your core target.

In which other configuration would a consumer help you improving your offer by listing weak and strong points.

Think about it.


If this article helped you, and you want to know more, feel free to contact us.


Nano-influence is at any reach, whatever the brand or project.

Plus, we are nice and available.

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