[Survey] Kantar x Sampleo: “Ethics are not made to be chic.” 

The Kantar Institute and Sampleo recently introduced the results of a common survey on “The Future of Influence. Dedicated to the state of ethics in the field, precious insights have been gathered and shared. 

The main goal of this very survey was to produce uptodate data on the state of ethics in the field, by interviewing micro and nano influencers from all over the world.

The moment was especially interesting to study as more influencers are socially engaged and asked to play a bigger part. 

The goal for us, is to estimate:

  1. How influencer see themselves going towards a more eco-responsible future with brands.
  2. How collaboration is to evolve in order to achieve this kind a ideal master purpose.

“In 2020, a good connection is worth more that goods.” But why?

Christophe Manceau, Strategic Planning Director at Kantar Institute.

Influence marketing has always been a matter of human connection. Brands did succeeded for a while by working on one-shot campaigns with influencers. This strategy is no longer beneficial as this desire for connection need to be more and more meaningful.

This trend helped influence becoming a business with more wisdom and perspective to give.Understand: partnerships of better quality and duration.

Good news. 2020 is the year of change. And relevance is the key-word.

Before communicating of anything, it is crucial to be in front of the right person, talking about the right product (or service) at the right time. This momentum is the only way for influence to be perceived and experienced as a positive addition to our busy lifestyles.

There are 2 conditions to make this momentum happen for the brands: 


  • The relevant influencers to your core values have to say ‘yes’.


  • The less relevant ones have to say ‘no’.


“The perfect influencer for a brand is an absolute expert in its own editorial line”

Raphael Demnard, CEO and co-founder of Sampleo, influence agency.


The Kantar-Sampleo survey indeed shows that:

61,2% of influencers interviewed have already been offered partnerships that were not aligned with their values or editorial line. 


Asked about the response they opposed to this type of demand:

67% of them admit they systematically refuse this type of collaborations ;

23% of them admit they have already engaged in these collaborations in the past, but add they now decline those.


This may seem basic, but this is important to remember.

To create meaningful content, the product of experience delivered by the brand has to be meaningful to the creator first. The product has to make sense in the overall life and editorial content of the creator.

This only is possible if an influencer get into the habit of declining partnerships that are off to their audience. In the same way, brands will always benefit from knowing and addressing their core target from the start.


By selecting and filtering better, a ‘yes’ is not the same as 100 casual ‘why nots’. Therefore, a partnership starting with common strong involvement for a topic or a type of product, has more chance to be treated as a full-on green light for a creative collaboration and growth.  

Influencer are therefore to be targeted for their expertise before their audience. Content and engagement rate will then follow accordingly.


To help you recruit talents on your own, it is already possible to:

-outsource your profiles with care (e.g by avoiding mass sollicitations and emailings)

-share storytelling on your product and brand as much as possible (e.g by humanising the vision through a team or CEO)

Now, to grow even more possibilities of a more impactful influence, check how Green Influence can benefit your communication and business.



Finally, ethics are not made to be chic.

Ethics do not have to become an empty word is action follows. When 90% of influencers are ready to refuse a partnership that does not resonate with them, no engaging into short-lived partnership is the first ethic step toward high-value partnerships. The second step would be to act towards what make sense with the right collaborators.

Pick your long-term battle, pick your vision of the future and save you time and money to invest right, right off the bat.

And you?

How do you activate communities that make sense for you? 

Contact us to audit you current goals and draft your first tailor-made campaign.


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