Podcasts are back to last


Podcasting is a huge trend dedicated to audio-blogging. How do we know for sure? Simple. Annual income is going up to1 billion dollars of revenue is expected for 2021.

The number of unique podcasts available is on the rise too, and already reaching 1.5 million.

Not to remind you that two podcasts, Dirty John and Homecoming have been translated into shows, and then have been nominated to 2019 Golden Globes.

It is harder and harder to believe in another fad.

In 2020, if we always expect more relevant and tailor-made content from the brands, consumers expect a more diverse offer in terms of format. More than ever, it may be time to move forward with audio content, especially towards podcasting. This format is the one that perhaps mixes best for now: entertainment and quality with on-demand service.


The current growth of audio content is helping the rebirth of podcast

In 2019, if 96% of Internet users listen to audio content each month, the landscape is changing a fair bit. Historically dominated by radio and musical streaming, we also see audiobooks rising in use, especially in English-speaking countries. Yet, the most impressive figures are to be found on the podcast side – a not-so-new format born in 2004.

‘Podcast’ is a word 70% of Americans know. Out of these 197 million people, 51% have already listened to a podcast from start to finish. 32% of them are listening to some on a monthly basis.

This stands for 90 million people that are already loyal to this media. The ratio is very similar to the number of Church-goers in America; not to be ignored!

On the business side, competition is real between the platforms. If Apple and Spotify are the current leaders, the Luminary app, exclusively podcast-oriented, is growing strong. Some challengers are, of course, appearing such as Stitcher, Pinna or Pandora.


For real, those who like podcast mostly like to discover their content when they want

The come-back of podcasting may come as a surprise. Why now? Probably because it solves very pressing and familiar needs. You’ll see.

  • The need to be entertained while discovering more and better.

With podcasting, brands have an opportunity to get creative in the user experience. And as there are as many podcasts as there are niche, there are finally a lot of ground for innovative collaborations.

  • The need to multitask

If audio supports the multitasking of course, podcast stats remain impressive. Out of the 197 million people, 59% are listening while doing household chores, 52% while driving, 51% while cooking and 46% while running errands. It is always useful to know that a podcast listener is, 99% of the time living a bit of its life while listening to it. Imagine how close the brand can get to the user!

  • The need to have a mobile-first content at any moment

Yes, podcasts are specifically fitted to a culture that likes to consume on-demand and on the move. The asset is huge because this habit allows the brand to only speak to the consumer when they are ready to hear; a good point for any marketing strategy.


Why are podcasts an opportunity for the brands ?

The difference between the usual Facebook follower and a podcast addict is clear. A type A follower reads (or writes), likes and forgets a post. A podcast fan engages a longer-time with the content and the subject he loves. The attachment is qualitative and long-lasting. To say it simply, the relationship is different, which allows for brand needs to be fulfilled too.

  • Podcast reaches for hard-to-get targets : men and white-collars

Few people know this, but podcasts are even more appreciated by men (36%) than by women (29%). Regarding the white-collars’ audience, the success can be explained by a will to optimize time, gain in productivity and educate themselves in the long run.

  • 54% of podcast’s fans are more likely to buy a product recommended while listening

Advertising is real, even with podcasting. If premium services exist to limit its effect, audio shows like How I Built This by Guy Raz are still using it. The impact is not to be ignored if you look at the visibility and intent benefits.

  •  Podcasts’ success work through Words Of Mouth, which support the organic reach

Podcasts are content for which engagement is high. In fact, 80% of people that listen to a podcast listen to it fully. When they recommend it, this turns it into a confidential content which is more appealing. And you know how authenticity and legitimacy are crucial to today’s consumer. 


To think the podcast-way is to foresee the future of SEO : the Voice Search Engine Optimization (VSEO)

Who doesn’t want to be good at a trend Google likes?

It is a thing to believe that podcasting is relevant in 2020. It is another to believe that it will remain of interest for the foreseeable companies. As consumption behaviours evolve to vocal assistant and smart speakers, the ranking of audio content is a rising stake. Even more when Google itself supports the trend.

By making podcasts more and more visible on its search pages, Google is sending a strong message. Listening and shopping behaviours are changing, but so is SEO practices. 

The major asset of podcasts for years to come is perhaps to be well-suited for tech innovations. The more immersive sound will become, the more intimate content will become. Podcast’s listeners that were few for a while will then contribute to make the format a mainstream habit. 

It is also fair to anticipate a shortening of the current format and a tendency to conquer younger audiences. IoT will help conceive a smarter format to be binge-listened; another challenge for storytelling.



Podcasting is not a trend to pass (on)! It has become a real competitive advantage for any brand wishing to get ahead. Why ?

Because with podcasts, it is possible to come to a more complete and up-to-date discourse for the brands. It is also possible to adopt new SEO strategies early on.

So, companies, if you feel ready, start building an audio strategy; this could make all the difference.

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