How to maximize your online and offline campaigns?


During our breakfast on the complementarity of influences, Sampleo had the chance to welcome Pauline Bony, founder of Saeve, and Adrien Fauth, Social Media Manager France and Benelux at Kellogg’s, to explain us how they have maximized their online and offline campaigns.

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Synchronizing the publication of press articles and influencers’ posts over time

In order to cover all channels both online and offline, it is important to synchronize in time the publications made by the press and those made by influencers. The press takes longer to publish an article because of the printing time than influencers where the publication of a post is immediate, as Pauline Bony explains to us: « It takes 3 months for the press to do an article, I wait for the 3 months and then I send it to the influencers because with the influencers it is live« .
This synchronization over time allows journalists and influencers to have the same sense of exclusivity while maximizing the development of brand awareness across all communication channels.


Distribution of promotional codes and coupons to maximize word of mouth

Adrien Fauth then explains that in order to maximize his campaign both online and offline, it is interesting to offer promotional codes online via the Instagram publications of microinfluencers; and to distribute discount coupons offline during nano-influence campaigns. Indeed, the sharing of discount coupons can have very important effects offline: it helps to boost word-of-mouth and ultimately in-store sales. In addition, it makes it possible to better track the ROI and thus to have more accurate KPIs as for the financial benefits of the campaign.


The organization of events with nano and microinfluencers

When Pauline Bony launched her new cosmetic product, she organized an in-store event with her consumers: Saeve products are also sold in drug stores and this event allowed the brand to be talked about offline.

It is also possible to organize events with microinfluencers in order to allow a total immersion in the brand’s universe and thus generate a maximum of IGC -Influencer Generated Content- online. If you want to know more, you can read our article How to boost your digital strategy with events with microinfluencers.


Sampleo and Talent Web Academy: how to capitalize on the different strata of influence

Sampleo, with its community of more than 760,000 ambassadors, offers brands nano-influence solutions based on both online levers such as consumer reviews and offline levers such as word of mouth.

Its Talent Web Academy agency enables it to capitalize on micro-influence through the organization of influence events and the generation of IGCs.

If you want to know more about nano-influence, contact us.
If you are interested by micro-influence, you can contact us.

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