Our Andros campaign: giving consumers a voice


In 2018, Sampleo supported the Andros brand in promoting its new dessert Andros Gourmand et Végétal through the voices of 2,400 ambassadors. The results of the campaign effectively met the brand awareness and product recommendation objectives as 1.4 million people were reach online and offline, 13,500 UGCs were published on social media and on the Sampleo website and 93% of the ambassadors recommend this product. Andros Gourmand et Végétal has even become the product with the most positive image in the world of ultra-fresh plants.
How did this nano-influence campaign enable the brand to develop its notoriety while remaining authentic?

Allow consumers full freedom of expression for maximum authenticity

During a nano-influence campaign, the brand gives consumers relatively few guidelines, their only obligation being to communicate. Indeed, the quality and credibility of the content shared by ambassadors depends on the freedom left to their creativity by the brand. As Arnaud Rapp, General Manager at Andros Gourmand et Végétal explains: “What interests us is not necessarily having the maximum reach. We want the maximum quality of contacts and this can only exist if the law is respected, namely free will as to the message”.

A brand chooses to conduct a nano-influence campaign if it is convinced that its product meets a real need. Andros is accessible quality for a wide audience, so nano-influence is an effective lever to reach the general public.

In addition, a score of 5/5 is not considered credible by consumers. Indeed, according to a PowerReviews study, a consumer is more likely to buy a product with an average score between 4.2 and 4.5 than a product rated 5/5.
What will affect the credibility of the brand’s message is the number of reviews submitted and the fact that they come directly from consumers’ mouths. As Raphaël Demnard, co-founder of Sampleo, explains: “Transparency, honesty and reviews that are not necessarily guided, framed towards positive review but the testimony of his experience in a natural way brings credibility to the whole”.


The collection of insights

A nano-influence campaign also makes it possible to collect insights on consumers’ perception of the product: less positive comments than others are instructive for the brand because they are constructive and benevolent. The latter can then forward them to all its departments in order to improve certain aspects of its product.

These insights can also give surprising results for the brand. For example, during its influence campaign, Andros initially targeted a female audience between 25 and 45 years old. What the brand had no idea was that the dessert was very popular with children.

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