How to boost your digital strategy with events with microinfluencers?


With an average engagement rate of 4%, microinfluencers, specialized in a particular field – whether it is food, beauty or gaming – allow brands to develop their notoriety, thanks to the high reach of microinfluencers, and give credibility to their message.
The organization of events with its microinfluencers allows them to fully immerse themselves in the brand’s universe and values so that they can then share expert and original content.

An event that enables a total immersion in the brand’s universe

According to a Global Micro-influencer study, 35% of marketers believe that the biggest trend of 2019 is micro-influence. Brands are thus increasingly turning to this new digital trend. Indeed, 45% of them think that microinfluencers are the most effective way to gain new customers (Launchmetric report).
In order to ensure that they are fully in line with the brand’s values and generate maximum engagement, some brands have turned to organizing event by fully immersing microinfluencers in their universe.
There are different types of event activation, from food to cosmetics to sport, which vary according to the brand’s universe: cooking, cosmetics or sports exercise workshops.

            The 4G Box event

An example of an event organized with microinfluencers is Maison 4G Box (Bouygues brand). 5 microinfluencers from 5 different universes have met in a home provided in 4G and located in the countryside – to show the power of the connection – in order to fully share with their community different workshops and challenges in which they participated (cooking, sport exercises, etc.).
And the results are there! 42 Instagram stories produced were seen by 14,530 people, 125,367 people exposed to the 4 publications made, with a total number of likes and comments amounting to 11,850 and an average engagement rate of 5.8%. Bouygues, with a usual rate of 1.44% on its Instagram page, has seen an increase in the commitment of the various communities to its brand.

Reuse in Owned and Paid Media

IGCs – Influencer Generated Content – can then be reused in Owned and Paid Media: since the content is qualitative, original and more credible than the messages generated by the brands, they ultimately make it possible to convert users into consumers. Indeed, according to a Collective Bias study, 30% of consumers are ready to buy a product if it is recommended by a micro-influencer, even if the latter is not known.

This is why influence marketing generates 11 times more ROI than traditional marketing (Nielsen Catalina Solutions) because it requires a lower financial investment and allows a higher conversion rate.

Talent Web Academy: the new micro-influence offer of Sampleo

At the end of 2018, Sampleo launched its new micro-influence offer, Talent Web Academy, which uses the expertise and proximity of microinfluencers with their community to offer brands tailor-made and qualitative marketing solutions, generating expert and authentic content on social networks.

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