What are the different steps to follow to improve your brand image?


According to an Edelman study, only one-third of consumers trust the brands they buy. This figure drops to 23% for French consumers. How can brands then regain the confidence of their consumers and improve their image?


Why is it essential to have a good brand image?

Brand image is defined by the conception that consumers have of a company, that is to say the image they have of the products and/or services it offers but also of the values it conveys. Maintaining a positive brand image is essential for several reasons.
The first is that a good image ultimately allows you to increase your sales in the short and longer term. Indeed, according to a report published by Global RepTrack, 83% of consumers say they are willing to buy a product from a company with a very strong reputation.
The second reason is that it allows brand loyalty. If the consumer is satisfied with his experience with a brand and shares the values it conveys, he will be more inclined to buy back the products it offers. Buying has now become a real act of engagement.


How to improve your brand image?

The first step to improve your brand image is to study your target: it is essential to define it well in order to be able to share common values with this target in accordance with their desires and aspirations.

The second step is to develop its notoriety. There are different levers: from the most traditional such as the media (television, radio, print media, etc.) to the most digital such as influencers in particular. Indeed, the latter generate the creation of original content to differentiate themselves on the Internet and create buzz: 87% of marketers prefer influencers to publish original content (Socialpubli.com).
Bloggers and microinfluencers, specialized in a particular field such as gaming, food or beauty, can write blog articles but also publish photos and videos on social media, allowing the brand to gain credibility through expert content.

A third lever that can be activated is to give voice to consumers so that they become brand ambassadors. The latter generate UGCs – User Generated Content – both on commercial sites in the form of reviews or on social media in the form of photos, videos, shares…. ; authenticity being the primary characteristic of these UGCs.
92% of marketers believe most or all of the content their brand creates resonates as authentic for consumers. However, when we ask them, only 51% of them believe that brand content resonates as authentic. They are 2.4 times more inclined to say that UGCs are more authentic than brand content according to a Stackla report.


Complementary influence offers

At Sampleo, we offer various influence offers to brands in order to support them in the development of their notoriety and to help them improve their image by reconnecting with their consumers by generating authentic and credible content.
Indeed, our community of more than 760 000 ambassadors enables the generation of large numbers of UGCs on networks and e-commerce websites that meet the brand’s two objectives: developing its notoriety and improving its image.
Our Talent Web Academy agency also provides the expertise of its microinfluencers who creates quality content that makes brand discourse credible.

If you want to know more about our different influence offers, you can contact us.


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