Why is influence marketing an essential asset in your digital strategy?


Influencers are omnipresent on the web, whether it is social media, platforms like YouTube or their own website. First of all, what is meant by influencer? An influencer is an individual who is able to influence the consumption habits of its audience through his notoriety. He can collaborate with a brand in order to advertise it in exchange for a fee.

So what are the different advantages of an influence campaign for a brand?


Develop your notoriety thanks to influence marketing 

The development of its notoriety is the main reason why brands want to do influence marketing. The number of followers is the criterion towards which they tend to be interested first.
However, it is essential to ensure that the influencer has an engaged community by taking into consideration its engagement rate: the number of likes, comments and sharing generated by a publication in relation to its total number of followers gives an idea of the impact that an influencer’s publication will have on its audience: the more engaged it is, the more influence the influencer will have on its community.


Create an atmosphere of trust between brands and consumers

But developing its notoriety and visibility is not the only criterion for the success of an influence marketing campaign. Indeed, influencers with fewer followers but in line with the brand’s values can also be an asset in its marketing strategy. These microinfluencers, specialized in a particular field such as gaming, food or beauty, can use their expertise to give credibility to brand discourse. It is therefore essential to choose the right microinfluencer in order to reach a well-targeted audience. Half of the brands consider micro-influence to be the most effective way to win new customers, according to a Launchmetrics report.

The notion of trust is also crucial: the more the consumer trusts his influencer, the more he will be influenced by his influencer’s recommendations. Influencers must therefore be transparent by indicating their paid partnerships with brands in order not to alter this notion of trust.


Influence marketing : a low-cost advertising

Traditional advertising is generally very expensive: a TV spot, for instance, can amount to several millions of euros and its lifespan is very ephemeral since once it has been broadcast on television it disappeared forever. A YouTube video or Instagram post can be viewed indefinitely by users. For these various reasons, influence marketing generates a ROI – Return on Investment – 11 times higher than the one of traditional advertising according to Nielsen.

In addition, working with an influencer saves you time. Indeed, making a poster or an advertising spot is time consuming. By partnering with an influencer, you give way to his creativity because he knows his community best, which saves you a lot of time!


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