Threads: the new Instagram messaging service launched by Facebook


Threads is a messaging application launched last Thursday by Facebook, linked to its users’ Instagram accounts and allowing them to share photos and videos with people from a predefined list of “close friends”.


What does this new messaging application offer?

The new messaging application is designed to create a more intimate atmosphere between its users since they will only exchange with close friends. This restricted circle of communication would limit the pressure on social networks while maintaining constant links between them, even if they do not have time to go to the application. Indeed, the latter, by using their geolocation and motion sensors, updates the automatic status of its users even when it is not open. The idea behind this application is to share information about your day with your friends without having to send a message, a photo or a video.
Threads is therefore based on the concept of a continuous connection between users from the same restricted group.


How does this application facilitate the word of mouth?

This circle of close friends builds trust and can therefore be an opportunity for consumers to share new products or services. Indeed, thanks to this more familiar environment for users, their power of recommendation would be stronger since they would be only among close friends: according to a Smartfocus study, 87% of consumers say that the information published by their peers has an impact on their purchasing decision.


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