Consumer insights


A consumer insight is an opinion, a review or an expectation from a consumer regarding a specific product. It can be expressed in the form of a response to a questionnaire, a survey, a study but also in the form of a review, a photo or a comment posted on a website, social media or a forum.


What are the benefits of consumer insights?

Consumer insights have many advantages for brands. In addition to refining their targeting, consumer insights allow them to improve their marketing communication by optimizing their campaigns. Indeed, by having a precise knowledge of customers’ expectations and opinions, brands can communicate a more suitable message to their target audience.
Furthermore, on the Research & Development side, consumer insights help to improve the product and its functionalities, anticipate trends and develop potential innovations for the future.
Finally, these insights enable them to benchmark competitors in their sector of activity in order to refine their business strategy: in addition to the quantitative data provided by the various KPIs, they provide qualitative data such as the performance of their product compared to their competitors’ one, customers’ satisfaction and feelings, etc.


How do nano-influence campaigns enable to collect consumer insights?

By engaging their consumers through the implementation of nano-influence campaigns, brands, in addition to developing their visibility and getting closer to their customers, have the opportunity to collect consumer insights thanks to the generation of UGC. Only 33% of consumers leave a review on a product, brand or media according to a Kantar Media study released in 2019.
These campaigns allow brands to accompany their studies with more spontaneous insights, often accompanied by “evidence” because visuals are omnipresent on social media: reviews are put into context, via an environment and a history around the product.


Influence campaigns at Sampleo

Our agency offers brands nano-influence solutions that can be deployed at an international level thanks to its community of 760,000 ambassadors in six other countries: Spain, Belgium, the Netherlands, Brazil, the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia.

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