The challenges of e-commerce in Brazil


The e-commerce market in Brazil is expanding rapidly, reaching R$53.2 billion in 2018, a 12% increase since 2017. However e-retailers are facing a lot of issues concerning the user experience: 55% of respondents consider the online shopping experience in Brazil as good and only 25% of them consider it great, according to a study conducted by Lett in 2019.

The challenges faced by Brazilian e-commerce sites

The main issue that we can observe on e-commerce websites in Brazil is the lack of information about the products. Indeed, according to the same Lett study, 72% of Brazilian e-commerce sites do not present adequate information about the products they sell.
There is first a problem concerning the rating of the products: only 4.6% of them are rated by the consumers, in other words, practically 95% of the Brazilian items are not evaluated.
Secondly, there are very few product information sheets that have a review: only 7% of them have at least one review made by a consumer.
It is therefore very difficult for consumers to trust brands and the quality of the products they sell because they do not have an honest and authentic opinion that can compensate for the fact that they can’t see what products really look like.

Even for consumers who do not purchase on e-commerce sites but offline it is very difficult to find out about an item since only 2.4% of products sold in marketplace are rated by consumers.


Why is it so important for brands to have product rating and reviews?

Let the figures speak for themselves: 95% of Brazilian consumers read a review before making a purchase. The probability of purchasing a product with 5 reviews is 270% higher than a product without one. Ratings can increase conversion rate by more than 200%.
It is therefore essential for brands to develop the UGC (User Generated Content) about their products to regain the trust of their consumers and increase their volume of sales online but also offline.


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