How to target the right consumer profiles for your nano-influence campaigns?


To conduct an effective influence marketing campaign, it is essential to target the right consumer profiles for which the product meets a specific needs.  


Choosing the right profiles

First of all, you must indicate the specific needs that your products meets and then define an ICP (Ideal Customer Profile) to determine the right objectives and choose the right communication channels for your campaign: e-commerce sites, forums, social media,…
You can adopt a CRM approach based on your existing customer data.
It is crucial not to let yourself be influenced by your prejudices or intuitions when targeting your typical profile.


For the rights campaigns

Even if you have defined a typical consumer profile for your brand, you need to consider the type of product for which you are conducting your nano-influence campaign. All your consumers certainly not match one specific type of product. It is crucial to properly target the right ICP so that the ratings and reviews then posted are in adequacy with the reality of the product. For example, a lactose-intolerant person who receives a dairy product will not publish an objective review, risking degrading the final score even if the product is good.


At the right time

If you want to launch a product for Christmas, it is necessary to start your campaign from late September/early October so that consumers have time to try it. This may vary depending on whether the product is more in the order of food (the test phase will therefore be around one week) or cosmetics. In this case, until the effects are visible, the trial period can last up to three weeks, one month.
Then your ambassadors must be able to post their reviews and ratings on e-commerce sites and/or publish photos and comments on social media. Consumers will then be able to find out about the product (87% first learn about it on the internet before making a purchase according to a Smartfocus study) and then go to the store or buy it on the internet: according to study conducted by Sampleo, 55% of consumers will buy their Christmas presents in November, 36% at the beginning of December and 1.1% at the last minute.

It is therefore important that you anticipate exactly when you want to launch your product, when your sales will be the highest, so that you can start your campaign at the right time.


How does Sampleo’s database allow for optimal targeting?

Before applying for a campaign, a Sampleo ambassador must answer a questionnaire that then filters out consumers who best match the profile sought by the brand. Our database has 760,000 ambassadors, giving us a wide choice to conduct very well targeted campaigns.

If you want to know more about our nano-influence campaigns, contact-us.


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