UGC in the gaming world


The game industry, whether it is video games or board games, brings together enthusiasts with very heterogeneous profiles. It is therefore difficult for brands to target them precisely and consumer reviews are a significant lever for getting closer to their consumers.


The importance of UGC in the video game sector

As a sector of enthusiasts, video games have millions of fans. Indeed, according to a study conducted by TNS Sofres there are nearly 34 million regular players in France and 1 in 3 Internet users plays daily.
Gamers are constantly looking for new games and are therefore always ready to try new ones, to talk about them around them and especially to recommend them to their closed ones: 64% of them talk about the games they enjoy according to a Greenberg Inc. study. YouTube is the number 1 social network for sharing and testing games: 64% of gamers download a game after seeing an ad on the platform according to the same study. Influencers also have an important place on this platform: followed mostly by a male audience (54% of men follow a gaming influence), they generate a lot of commitment from their followers. Microinfluencers have the highest engagement rate on Instagram (3.95%) as well as influencers of more than one million followers (4.15%).


The power of reviews in the world of board games

As for board games, they are a more universal sector that appeals to all ages. However, it is difficult to rate a board game because its assessment is subjective. It depends on everyone’s tastes but also on the trends, times and origins of players. The scores awarded are therefore rarely a reflection of reality but rather an arbitrary allocation influenced by the tastes and personalities of a handful of experts. This why consumer reviews have an essential role in the decision to purchase for a future player. Indeed, if, for example, a particular feature of the game does not please one consumer, it may seduce another.
The generation of authentic and honest UGC can thus enable a brand to get closer to its consumers and convince them that its game has the potential to please them: according to the Gus and Co blog, it takes seven convinced players for another player to acquire it.


Sampleo gives voice to consumer

Sampleo offers brands influence marketing solutions that capitalize on the power of recommendation of nanoinfluencers (influencers with less than a thousand followers) and, with its Talent Web Academy agency, offers based on the expertise of its microinfluencers (influencers with between 5,000 and 100,000 followers and specialized in a particular field such as gaming for example).

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