The growing importance of Ratings & Reviews on cosmetics sites


The development of e-commerce sites has completely transformed the consumption habits of beauty products. Brands are now facing new challenges in order to meet the needs of consumers who are increasingly concerned about the quality of the products they buy.


The flourishing business of the beauty industry

The global cosmetics market is a thriving business with estimated sales of $445 billion in 2017 according to a report by The Beauty Economy. France, leader in this market, exported 19.9 billion euros of cosmetics products worldwide in the same year. L’Oréal is the brand leader in this sector with an estimated annual income of $28.6 billion according to The Women’s Wear Daily.

With an ever-growing market, beauty holds a considerable place in the hearts of consumers since 71% of them consider cosmetics and personal care products to be important or very important in their daily lives according to a Consumer Insight study.


The place of Ratings & Reviews in the beauty sector

With the advent of social media, everyone can give their opinion online and thus interact with a much wider community, which helps to reassure consumers of cosmetic products, who are increasingly concerned about their quality. With a huge offer, it is not always easy to find the right product because it is not possible today to test them from your computer or smartphone.  The generation of online reviews overcomes this barrier in part because consumers trust the recommendations of their relatives, whether family, friends or colleagues, as much as they do the reviews posted on e-commerce sites or forums. Indeed, 88% of them consider these reviews as if they came from their closed ones according to the Fabrique du net. In addition, websites are at 51% one of the main sources of information for cosmetics consumers according to the same Consumer Insight study.
These figures clearly show us the growing importance of Ratings & Reviews in the decision to purchase a beauty product.

And that’s not all! The generation of customer reviews helps boost the conversion rate of an e-commerce site: according to a study conducted by Bazaarvoice, the presence of UGC on e-retail sites increases the conversion rate for beauty and health products by 106%.
In addition, the generation of UGCs also makes it possible to improve the SEO of a site or product. For example, the publication of 10 additional qualitative customer reviews on a product information sheet improves organic traffic by 15 to 20%.


Sampleo and its nanoinfluencers’ offer

Sampleo supports many brands in their marketing strategy to help them meet the demands of consumers who constantly need to be reassured about the product they buy online. With a community of more than 760,000 nanoinfluencers in France, Sampleo’s offers have already attracted several major cosmetic brands such as the PUIG group and the LaNeige brand.

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