What are the important KPIs to take into account during an influence campaign ?


When a brand decides to launch an influence marketing campaign, it is necessary to take into account certain KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) in order not to be heading for disaster and to follow step by step the progress and impact of the campaign. A KPI is an indicator that measures the overall performance and effectiveness of a marketing action or campaign on an ad hoc basis.


Before a campaign: the influencer’s reach

Before engaging in an influence marketing campaign, it is important to choose your influencer(s) carefully by taking into account different KPIs in order to define the reach thatNan your publication will have. Many brands tend to focus only on the number of followers of the influencer. Even if the latter remains a significant KPI, it is necessary not to omit others such as the engagement rate of his community. This indicator calculates the number of likes, comments or mentions that a post have generated in relation to the size of his community, which allows to filter influencers that will generate little enthusiasm from their followers. For example, nanoinfluencers (less than 1,000 followers) have the highest engagement rate (8%).
In order to measure the reach of an influencer, it is also important to take into account the impression rate, that is to say the number of Internet users who will potentially be affected by his publications.


During the campaign: the community’s engagement

In a second step, a brand can track the progress of its campaign and the excitement it has generated by taking into account certain KPIs: the number of likes, comments, shares of the publication, the number of clicks on a published link, the number of brand mentions, the emotion of users via “emojis” reactions on Facebook, etc. All these indicators make it possible to determine the community’s engagement to the publication and the visibility of the brand.


After the campaign: the financial benefits of the campaign

Finally, following its influence campaign, the brand can track certain KPIs in order to measure its financial and social impact, such as the traffic generated on its site, the transformation rate of the ROI (Return on Investment) that is to say how much earn for each euro invested in the campaign.
Sales growth is also an essential indicator to take into account, although it is often difficult to measure. For example, we know that a nano-influence operation can generate between 10 and 30% additional sales.


Sampleo supports you in your nano and micro-influence campaigns

Nanoinfluencers, because of the high engagement of their community, are an essential asset for brands wishing to engage in influence marketing. We know that 90% of consumers read online reviews and that 68% trust them, even if they are published by complete strangers. This is why Sampleo offers brands influence solutions that use the recommendation power of its community of 760,000 nanoinfluencers to support them in their marketing strategy.
Moreover, with its Talent Web Academy agency, brands have the opportunity to use the expertise of microinfluencers to give credibility to their products through the generation of qualitative content.
Our agency offers global marketing solutions that capitalize on the complementarity of the levels of influence in order to reach as many people as possible on different channels: social networks, forums, e-commerce sites, etc.

If you also want to start influence marketing, contact-us.


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