What are the most effective communication channels for a successful marketing campaign?


Traditional advertising, whether in TV, press or bilboard, has lost 30% of its value over the past six years. Its decline is accompanied by the emergence of a new form of marketing : influence marketing. The latter capitalizes on the expertise of microinfluencers and the authenticity of nanos to transmit the brand message through different channels, no longer offline but digital : social networks, forums or e-commerce sites. What are the most effective platforms to carry out a marketing campaign ?


Social media : brand credibilisation thanks to the expertise of microinfluencers

Over the past ten years, social networks have gradually become a media in their own right, allowing brands to express themselves and increase their visibility through a new form of marketing: influence marketing. The latter generates 11 times more ROI than traditional advertising and thus becomes an ultra profitable investment for brands.
Indeed, since microinfluencers produce qualitative and engaging content, brands rely on their expertise to convey their message and make consumers discover their product, since, according to an Experticity survey, 82% of consumers surveyed are likely to follow a recommendation made by a microinfluencer.

Which social network should you choose to carry out your digital campaign ?
Instagram is the most engaging social network, at 71%, and therefore appears as the ideal digital platform for collaboration with an influencer. In addition, on Instagram, you are 10 times more likely to get likes and comments by collaborating with a microinfluencer according to the Influencer Marketing Hub site, which would increase your brand awareness with your consumers.


E-commerce sites : brand recommendation thanks to the authenticity of nanoinfluencers

Social media are not the only digital communication tool between brands and their consumers. Indeed, e-commerce sites allow them to give feedback on the products they have tested.

This platform therefore appears to be an essential marketing tool for brands to communicate the reality of their products since 68% of consumers trust customers reviews, even if the author is a complete stranger, according to Influencia.
In addition, the generation of UGC, by increasing the volume of their sales, allows an 180% increase in the turnover of e-commerce sites, according to a study conducted by Smartfocus.


Sampleo and Talent Web Academy, the right mix for your influence strategy

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