Why does nano-influence improve your marketing strategy?

Nowadays, social media having become the main mean of communication, consumers are able to promote a new brand or a new product while being capable of dereference them. Social networks have thus given consumers back their power by giving them a voice, hence the growing importance of nano-influence in brand marketing strategies.

What is nano-influence?

 Nano-influence refers to the use of the recommendation’s power of nanoinfluencers (influencer with less than 1,000 followers on Instagram) in order to promote a product or a brand by leveraging their authenticity. By mobilizing several thousand profiles, a brand can optimize the word-of-mouth phenomenon.

Why conduct a nano-influence campaign?

When launching a new product, the first challenge is to develop brand awareness around it, that is to say to make it known to consumers. Mass media or macroinfluencers, with their high visibility, are very effective communication channels.

The second challenge is to have the consumers adhere to the product by trying to convey the fact that what the brand offers is real and in line with their expectations. And what could be more effective than letting consumers themselves be the guarantors of product quality? 83% of people trust the recommendations of their relatives and 68% of consumers rely on the reviews of nanoinfluencers, even if they are complete strangers, according to a study conducted by Influencia in 2019.

What are the different benefits of a nano-influence campaign?

The first benefits of a nano-influence campaign can be defined from a qualitative point of view: we observe social benefits, that is to say mentions (posts, photos, pins, etc.) broadcasted on social networks that can generate buzz. These benefits allow an increase in reach and brand awareness. But a nano-influence campaign not only allows to have the maximum reach but also to collect insights on the product in order to improve certain points (quality, price, colour, etc.).

The second impact is quantitative: nano-influence operations generate between 10 and 30% more sales. In addition, e-commerce sites using UGC see their conversion rate increase by 111% and their turnover by 180% according to a Bazaarvoice report.

Why choosing Sampleo?

The strengths of these nanoinfluencers are their authenticity and their wide presence on social media. At Sampleo, we leverage these two assets to enable brands to improve their marketing strategy by using the recommendation power of these nanoinfluencers in order to develop brand awareness around new or existing products.

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