The power of Ratings & Reviews


85% of Internet users consult online reviews to find out about a product. Ratings & Reviews, whether positive or negative, are a real lever for brands not to be neglected during their influence marketing campaigns.

The power of Ratings & Reviews: a two-stage campaign

In order to increase the visibility of its products, it is essential for a brand to generate as many reviews and ratings as possible both on e-commerce websites and on forums, social networks, etc. UGC are thus an essential marketing tool, sometimes even more effective than a poster or a video ad. Indeed, according to a study conducted by Stackla in 2019, consumers are 2.4 times inclined to say that UGC are more authentic than branded content, and 87% trust their peers when making purchase decisions.

Moreover, the generation of Ratings & Reviews is not only useful when launching a new product to develop its information sheet on a merchant website, but also allows, in a second step, to refresh the reviews of a product already existing on the market by generating new reviews regularly and thus continue to generate sales.

An increase in sales for brands

An increase in reviews posted on merchant sites is almost immediately accompanied by a surge in online sales: according to a study conducted by PowerReviews, the conversion rate increases by 65% when a product receives one or more reviews.

But online sales are not the only ones to be impacted by UGC: thanks to the ROPO effect (Research Online Purchase Offline), consumers, after consulting online reviews, can also go to a physical point of sale to buy the product. All of the brand’s sales are impacted by Ratings & Reviews.

The ideal score

Despite what we would tend to believe, the ideal score for a good is not around 5/5 but would be between 4.2 and 4.5/5. Indeed, according to a PowerReviews study, a consumer would be more inclined to buy a product with an average score in this range than an article rated 5/5. In addition, products with a score between 4 and 4.5 account for 56% of Amazon sales and have an average of 197 reviews on their information sheet.

These figures can be explained mainly by the fact that an average score of 5/5 is not consider credible by the consumer, preferring to buy a product with a lower score but which appears more realistic.

The power of recommendation of the Sampleo community

At Sampleo, we have understood that authenticity is the key to the success of an influential marketing campaign. Thus, our agency relies on its community of more than 760,000 members to offer brands marketing solutions that increase their visibility on social networks and e-commerce websites by generating a maximum of Ratings & Reviews.

If you are interested in influence marketing, contact us.

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