Our nano-influence campaign with LaNeige

In order to develop its reputation on the European continent, LaNeige has chosen to conduct a nano-influence campaign in France and Spain using our influence agency. If you want to watch the interview with Clara Weckerlé, Product Manager at LaNeige, click on the image below:


LaNeige’s main challenge: developing its brand awareness in Europe

In 1994 the Korean brand LaNeige was created by the Amore Pacific group, a leader in the cosmetics market in South Korea. An expert in the field of water science technology, the brand is renowned for its night mask, the Sleeping Beauty, created in 2002 and sold every 11 seconds around the world.

However, it remains unknown to the European market. The brand’s main challenge is therefore to extend its brand awareness in France and Spain, and then to develop its reputation throughout the European continent. To achieve this, the Korean brand has chosen to conduct a nano-influence campaign by generating UGC on both social networks and e-commerce forums and sites. In addition, in order to improve its R&D and marketing strategy, the brand seeks to gather insights form its consumers about the product: its texture, colour, price, etc.

The nano-influence campaign of Sampleo

In order to achieve these three objectives, LaNeige called on Sampleo to lead a multi-country campaign in France and Spain, using its community of 760,000 ambassadors. 1,400 products from one of the brand’s two best sellers were sent to nanoinfluencers and 1,300 reviews were collected on the Sephora.fr website where LaNeige is sold exclusively. Moreover, many UGC have been posted on social networks with beautiful visuals and qualitative content, so the creativity of nanoinfluencers has enabled the brand to create buzz.

In addition to introducing its brand to French and Spanish consumers, this campaign enabled LaNeige to collect a lot of ratings and reviews on its flagship product with an average score of 4.5/5 in order to pass on its insights to its development team and thus ensure a successful European launch.

If you too want to conduct a nano-influence campaign in order to increase your brand awareness in France and abroad, contact-us.

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