The complementarity of the influence layers


Nowadays there are three different layers of influence to meet different objectives: from UGC published in large numbers by nanoinfluenceurs to posts generating broad visibility from macroinfluencers to the more qualitative content of micros.

Macroinfluencers at the service of incarnation

First of all, the high reach of Top influencers (their number of followers is generally around several million) allows companies to increase their brand awareness. The small number of macroinfluencers (in Europe, less than 1% of them have an account of more than one million followers according to a SocialBakers study)  allows them to ensure a strong presence on the influence market and are therefore at the top of the pyramid. They will then embody the product by putting their creative skills at the service of the brand and the large size of their community will ensure its wide visibility.

The expertise of microinfluencers

Secondly, the expertise of the microinfluencers makes it possible to offer brands qualitative content. Specialized in a particular field, whether it is food, gaming or beauty, these microinfluencers have a great legitimacy on their favorite subject and thus benefit from a strong engagement from their community. Indeed, the average engagement rate for users with between 5,000 and 20,000 followers is 2.43% and it can rise to 5.6% for influencers with between 1,000 and 5,000 followers.

The authenticity of nanoinfluencers

Finally, at the base of the pyramid are the nanoinfluencers: taken one by one they have low visibility but their large number (more than half of social network users have less than 5,000 followers according to a Hypeauditor study) and their authenticity allow them to gain consumer trust, whether online (on social networks, forums or e-commerce sites: according to a Stackla study, 68% of them trust online reviews, even if they are published by a complete stranger) or offline through word of mouth (according to Nielsen, 92% of consumers trust word of mouth).

The complementarity of influence

By fulfilling different objectives – brand awareness through the reach of macros, credibility through the expertise of micros and recommendation through the authenticity of nanos – the three layers of influence, by their complementarity, allow brands to conduct influence campaigns at all levels.


Thus, Sampleo uses the recommendation power of its community of 760,000 ambassadorsthe expertise of microinfluencers with itsTalent Web Academy agency and the skills of Talent Web macroinfluencers to embody brands in order to offer them global and tailor-made marketing solutions that can be adjusted according to the chosen target.

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