Micro-influence, the new marketing tool for restaurateurs


The challenge in the restaurant industry is the difficulty of conveying the flavour of the dishes offered to the consumer since they cannot smell or taste them from their computer or smartphone. Restaurateurs must therefore rely on the quality of photos or videos as well as on the recommendations of outside persons. Microinfluencers overcome this barrier by providing both qualitative and authentic content.

Catering, the new star of Instagram

According to a Digimind study on the food industry, in 2018, 27% of Instagram users share photos or videos of their plates, this figure rises to 50% for the 18-24 year olds. These contents on good food are consulted by 35% of them. And that’s not all! Gastronomy lovers connect on average 18 times a day to Instagram. The food sector is Instagram’s new craze, which is a godsend for restaurateurs who want to increase their notoriety. With the decline of traditional advertising, social networks are becoming the new and essential communication channel for these retailers.


Why are microinfluencers an effective source of communication for restaurateurs?

The proximity of microinfluencers to their community is a strong asset to generate engagement: indeed, it is the influencers of less than 5k followers who have the most active community, with an engagement rate of 5.6% according to the latest Hypeauditor study. This figure drops to 2.43% for influencers with between 5k and 20k followers, and 2.15% for those with between 20k and 100k followers.

Moreover, since influence is not their main activity, they have complete freedom of expression, which allows them to give way to their creativity and thus offer qualitative and original content.


Talent Web Academy: Sampleo’s new micro-influence offer

At the end of 2018, Sampleo launched its new micro-influence offer, Talent Web Academy, which uses the expertise and proximity of microinfluencers with their community to offer brands tailor-made and qualitative marketing solutions, generating expert and authentic content on social networks.

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