Influence in China: a booming market

With exponential growth, the influence market in China has become one of the main communication levers in just a few years. The decline of traditional advertising in favour of digital advertising has made the influence a must for brand marketing campaigns.


An ultra-connected Chinese market

China, with its 829 million Internet users, is the world’s leading e-commerce sales market and represents a real boon for brands. The ultra-connected population is a fan of social networks since they already capitalize 11% of the e-commerce market in China compared to only 2% in the United-States, according to a BCG study. In addition, 70% of the millennials, a generation estimated at 200 million people, use social networks when making their purchasing decisions, compared to only 44% in the rest of the world, according to an Accenture study. Not surprisingly, the influence marketing’s market in China is growing exponentially, having tripled in just two years.

The low conversion rate of advertising has made influencers in China the mandatory point of contact in the marketing strategy of any brand. Indeed, since the virality of social networks gives influencers a huge visibility, they are a very effective communication channel for brands and thus reduce consumer aversion to advertising.


The influencer creates a link between the consumer and the brand

Chinese influencers strive to remain authentic and inspiring in their content. Creative, they handle the art of storytelling to perfection and create a real bond of proximity with their followers. And the recipe is a winner since they have a considerable engagement rate to their community, especially to the millennials.

Advertisers are therefore seizing this booming phenomenon to expand their notoriety. However, Chinese influencers remain very demanding as to the choice of the brands they should represent: it must be in line with the values they defend so as not to alter their credibility with their audience. Authenticity is the watchword of these influencers 2.0.

This requirement in the choice of a brand is not specific to China, and respect for their values remains an essential criterion for Western influencers.


Authenticity at the heart of Sampleo’s influence campaigns

Our influence agency, thanks to its community of 760,000 committed ambassadors, relies on the authenticity of its nano-influencers and the expertise of its micros to offer brands innovative marketing solutions. What could be more reassuring than the advice of an expert or a relative?

If you like to know more about our influence marketing campaigns, contact us.

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