Influence, the new marketing tool for CSR


The emergence of awareness of the climate emergency has prompted brands to completely review their overall strategy in order to develop their CSR. But CSR is generally accompanied by weak marketing communication from companies, preventing them from reaching consumers concerned about environmental issues.

What part can influence marketing campaigns play on corporate social responsibility?

A collaboration between marketing and CSR for more transparency

CSR has become an essential subject in a company’s strategic thinking. Indeed, according to a Unilever study published in 2017, for one third of consumers, the ecological and social aspect of a product is the primary criterion when choosing a purchase. Companies no longer have a choice: they must go green. However, their marketing communication remains weak. For fear of being accused of Greenwashing and creating a bad buzz on digital platforms, companies remain quite silent about their CSR strategy.

By conducting more transparent and interactive marketing campaigns, with a real CSR message, companies could reach an audience that is only looking to be more environmentally friendly.


Influencers, the new marketing tool for eco-friendly brands

As citizens have less and less confidence in traditional media, bloggers and Instagrammers seem to be the most appropriate channel of communication for companies to inform their public about social and environmental issues.

These influencers, committed to an educational approach, are attached to guide their community towards a more ecological way of life while remaining authentic and sincere. They can thus be the ideal communication lever for brands that are increasingly turning to organic farming and short circuits. Indeed, between 2017 and 2018, sales of fair trade products increased by 22%.

But the agri-food industry is not the only one that has gone green. Indeed, the beauty industry does not deviate from the rule by offering vegan cosmetic products for consumers who no longer only want to consume but also to act.


Sampleo, the influence agency that turns its ambassadors into committed players

Our agency supports brands in their influential marketing strategy by giving consumers a voice to generate authentic and sincere content. Sampleo immerses its ambassadors in the brand’s universe, offering them the opportunity to share its social and environmental values. Our micro-influencers complement their expertise on ecological issues with qualitative content.

If you want to know more about influence, contact us.

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