AI, a must on the influence market

According to a study from Deloitte, 87% of the firms will use AI software by 2020, whether in their marketing department or in other departments. Indeed, artificial intelligence would have really promising results, especially in the field of influence marketing.

The rise of digital and influence marketing

This year is about to mark a turning point in the history of marketing because for the first time, the digital advertising spending will exceed those in traditional advertising in the United States and in the United Kingdom.

We see in particular the rise of the influence marketing with a 63% increase in partnership requests made by the brands to influencers between 2017 and 2018. And the trend is not about to run out of steam for the year 2019!

AI, a new tool for the influence marketing?

As the scope of human knowledge is limited, artificial intelligence seems to be the ideal complementary tool in the search of new influencers. Indeed, due to its objectivity and large volume of data, the AI will be able to organize influencers according to their relevance on a given subject or brand by measuring certain KPIs such as the share of voice or the rate of commitment, and thus avoid any temptation of choosing an influencer based only on his number of followers.

The AI will therefore be a support tool for all operations related to influence marketing such as segmentation, targeting or scoring, which is a technique for assigning a score to an influencer.

However, human action as a last resort remains a very effective tool for identifying any potential influencer.

In addition, AI provides a better measure of the ROI and thus a more accurate understanding of the impact of an influencer’s action on a brand’s marketing strategy. The brand can then, if it wants to, make behavioural predictions using the analyses conducted by the AI.

Want to invest in influence marketing?

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