The influence in the tourism industry: the era of the journey 2.0


Tourism is increasingly turning to influence marketing, whether it is macro, micro or nano-influence, discover how this sector is using this new marketing trend.

The social networks: a new source of inspiration for the travellers

At a time when the social networks are gradually becoming an integral part of our lives, the choice of a travel destination is usually influenced by the online contents.

Online platforms and content posted on social networks are a regular source of inspiration for travellers, with 23% saying that they use online content as a basis for choosing a destination, 25% for choosing activities and 29% for choosing accommodation (1). These figures are almost doubled for the 18-24 year olds (1).

The macro-influencers seem to be the more effective channel for the brands to convince the travellers in their choice of a hotel or a restaurant. Indeed, 17% of the travellers follow their favourite influencer’s example when they decide the location of their future destination (2).

The success of the marketing campaign set up by the hotels Ibis

The operation Snap’Eyes organized by the hotel chain shares the journey of the vlogger Alex Vizeo to Barcelona, Berlin and London, during which his followers were able to suggest several challenges to take up. Thanks to its originality, the marketing campaign has created the buzz and has even won several prizes, including the bronze in the « Social Content » category of the Digital Strategy Grand Prix.

The benefits are also very positive for the chain since the campaign has generated a lot of visibility with 2.5 million unique visitors, 730,000 views and 2,500 interactions on Snapchat (3), and thus allowed the brand to reach a much younger audience.

The consumer feedback also counts !

The advices and feedbacks of travellers are also a factor that should not be overlooked. In France, a third of social network users regularly consults and solicits the opinions of their contacts for a choice of destination (1). Especially since 78% of consumers trust the recommendations of people they know according to Nielsen. This choice of marketing strategy can be particularly interesting for companies seeking to promote the authenticity of their hotel or restaurant, particularly by highlighting the opinions of the locals.

Want to capitalize on influence ?

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