Amazon become the world’s leading company

Amazon, a member of the GAFA, an online commerce giant, led by the world’s richest man Jeff Bezos, has surpassed Google and Apple to become (according to Kantar’s ranking) the world’s leading company ($315 billions).

Google and Apple are surpassed

The other two places on the podium are therefore occupied by two members of the GAFA, Apple and Google, the latter two are valued at $309.5 and $309 billions respectively.

According to WPP, a British public relations giant and owner of Kantar, Amazon was ranked first in thanks to « smart acquisitions, excellent consumer service and its ability to stay ahead of its competitors by offering an ecosystem rich in products and services ».

China completes the top 10

The three American giants are followed respectively by Microsoft, Visa and the last member of the GAFA : Facebook.

In 7th and 8th place are two companies : Alibaba and Tencent, which are part of the equivalent of the GAFA in China, the BATX. If Alibaba, led by the very popular Jack Ma moves up two places in this ranking, Tencent falls by 3 due to a 27% loss of its brand value ($130 billions).

AT&T is closing the gap in the top 10 while McDonald’s, ranked 9th, is the only company in this small group that does not come from the technology sector.

Instagram is on the rise

Like influential marketing in recent years, Instagram has exploded, and has seen the largest increase in this ranking (+95% from $14.5 billions to $28 billions).

By way of comparison on social networks, Linkedin ($22.8 billions) and Youtube ($29 billions) increased by 46% and 29% respectively.

The golden youth

This report also shows that 34% of the values generated by companies overall are generated by companies that appeared after 1996, they represent 23% of the top 100 brands.

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