Beauty and nano-influence : an effective duo


« The future of beauty will be personal, connected and natural » – this is what Nielsen observed in 2018.

It will be connected because we are in the digital age and more and more sales are made via the Internet, as demonstrated by the 27% growth of e-commerce in selective beauty in 2017.

It will be personal because consumers want an increasingly personalized and engaging experience, more and more consumer centric.

Finally, consumers are looking for information on products and in particular on their natural side


Consumers are becoming more and more demanding with the products they consume.


They seek to know the origin of the products, their composition, and advice on their use.

To collect this information, they read the labels (54%), then visit a website (51%), and finally consult their close circle of friends or family (40%). It should also be noted that only 30% of consumers collect them via the brand itself.

They also use applications such as Yuka or Incy Beauty to compensate for the lack of information on certain products.

Moreover, from a strictly online point of view, consumer opinions (rating or review) are almost 60% of consumers’ main source of information, both for men and women.


The UGC, to meet consumer demand


UGC, or User Generated Content, are consumer-generated content of various kinds such as photos, videos, reviews, ratings or offline word of mouth.

They make it possible to create a more engaging customer experience, a much more peer-to-peer communication that allows consumers to learn about the products they consume among themselves.

Meeting the requirements pays off, since Bazaarvoice observes that in contact with UGC the conversion rate increases by 97% for the beauty sector and that the average consumer basket increases by 112%.


Nano-influence to support these UGC


Nano-influence makes it possible to engage consumers by having them test products so that they generate UGC, whether they are opinions, ratings, but also photos of the videos, and the recommendation of your products in word of mouth.

At Sampleo, we are leader in nano-influence with a community of more than 700,000 consumers who allow us to target them precisely, in line with your brand’s values in terms of their consumption habits.

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