Beauty under micro-influence

Microinfluence is increasingly embedded in brand strategies.

This layer allows you to communicate with loyal and committed communities and recommend your products through expert profiles on verticals such as beauty, sport, travel etc.

According to Launchmetric 85.13% of the beauty sector’s channel mix goes through social media, which shows the importance of working with influencers on platforms like Instagram or Youtube.


Incrased engagement rate

Micro-influencers are experts in their fields. They are followed by smaller communities than those of macro or top influencers but they remain more committed and more loyal to influencers.

This is explained by the authenticity of the micro-influencers, the majority of them (32%) say that the best way to maintain their communities’ commitment is to remain authentic and true with themselves.

On the brand side, the majority rely on the engagement rate when working with an influencer.

Instagram :

  • From 10K to 100K : 2.21%
  • From 100K to 500K : 1.78%
  • From 500K to 2M : 0.89%

Youtube :

  • From 10K to 100K : 17.67%
  • From 100K to 500K : 16.31%
  • From 500K to 2M : 14.07%


Capitalize on new application features

E-Commerce in some sectors should increasingly go through social networks.

It is in any case the will of Instagram that recently launched its Checkout functionality, with the aim of facilitating the purchasing process when an influencer recommends a brand.

Microinfluencer communities trust them and the conversion rate through this layer should be increased compared to the others.


Why do brands collaborate with influencers ?

In a report dated 2019, demonstrated that brands work with influencers for different reasons.

First of all, we find product promotion (35.4%), it is the most well-known aspect of collaborations between brands and influencers.

Next, we find product launches (34.2%) followed by events (20.3%).

37.5% of brands claim that these campaigns are very effective, and 46.4% find them effective.

On the R.O.I. side, 35.3% of the brands surveyed stated that marketing influence has a better return on investment than Social Ads (21.6%) or Emailing Marketing (29.4%).

The brands also collaborate with influencers because:

Compensation methods are flexible. Micro-influencers will appreciate being paid but will also agree to collaborate with you in exchange for products, services, experiences but also by being invited to exclusive events.

The beauty sector is a permanent challenge. To stand out, micro-influencers will have to offer regular and high-quality content, they will certainly highlight your products in the best possible way.

Beauty being a very competitive sector among micro-influencers, the KPIs mentioned above will therefore be increased tenfold.

Microinfluence lends itself very well to this sector to such an extent that 46% of beauty, luxury and cosmetics professionals surveyed by Launchmetric in 2018 stated that microinfluence is the most effective stratum to collaborate with influencers (From 10k subscribers to celebrities), ahead of macroinfluence (34%).


How to collaborate with them ?

First of all it is necessary to evaluate if influencers like your brand, 37.2% of them work with a brand because they already use their products.

This data is even more significant for the beauty sector since 46% of influencers are willing to work with a brand in exchange for products and samples.

It is therefore recommended to target an influencer who is already talking about your brand, by collaborating with him he will feel valued and its content will be of superior quality.

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