The criteria of european shoppers in their purchasing decision

IRi institute observed 4 categories which are « Packaged Food », « Fresh products », « Beverages » et « Frozen Food » to find out how and where european shoppers are buying.

European shoppers care about the environment

According to IRi, 71% of European shoppers prefer to buy products from companies who demonstrate fairness transparency and integrity

72% of european shoppers prefer to buy products of those companies which respect the environment

72% of european shoppers prefer products with envrionmentally friendly packaging.

Concerning the delivery :

68% of european shoppers prefer products that have made a short journey before arriving in story and 55% are willing to pay more for organic or « Km 0 » food.

We can explain those numbers by the fact that european are more and more concerned by the environment and global warming.

European shoppers have a strong connection with locally produced fresh food.


In fact, 29% of european shoppers prefer local brands vs big ones concerning produced fresh food.

For the packaged food 14% of european shoppers prefer local brands. For beverages they are 12% and for frozen food they are 13%.

Why they purchase in local brands


IRi find out that 53% of european shoppers are purchasing to support local small producers.

The second critera is the quality, in fact european shoppers are 49% to say that better quality is a key factor in their purchasing decision.

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