Why you need to do influence in food sector ?

Influence Marketing is a fast growing sector of activity that could reach 20 billion euros by 2020, according to influencia. This market is developing through a large number of verticals such as beauty, gaming, cinema, lifestyle or travel. Today, one of the key sectors of influence is the « Food » sector. While a few years ago, stars were at the center of communication strategies of food brands, a loss of consumer confidence upset the codes and today nano and micro-influencers are the representatives of food brands on the digital market.

Consumers trust each other

Today, consumers listen to themselves on the web, to such an extent that 88% of Internet users read opinions on the Internet, and 68% of them trust these opinions, even those of strangers (source linkfluence).

These enthusiasts will therefore share information on e-commerce sites, social networks, cooking sites and influence each other. A proximity has been created over the years and small instagram accounts, for example, have a strong power of recommendation. Through photos, videos or recipe sharing, 58% of instagram users in France have already purchased a product that they have seen on a friend’s account.

Micro-influencers, the alternative to stars

If brands used to communicate through big names, sports stars or chefs, consumers have finally lost confidence. There was a lack of proximity between the returned message and the consumer. A great chef is not the best person to recommend Fast-Moving Consumer Goods.

On the other hand, micro-influencers are more confronted with everyday food problems and can evolve on several themes, we can find experts in vegan, Asian and South American cuisine for daily dishes.

By collaborating with these micro-influencers, brands regain a much more human and close relationship with consumers and can thus regain their confidence.

Today, we know that 75% of Internet users who follow influencers have bought a product after reading content published by an influencer.

At Sampleo, we work with nano and microinfluencers

With its expertise in nano-influence, Sampleo can support you in your Food influence campaigns and provide you with a community of 700,000 ambassadors in different countries.

Concerning microinfluence, Sampleo launched in September 2018, with Webedia, the Talent Web Academy, our 2500 talents can highlight your products and increase your conversion rate.

As in cooking, you can mix nano-influence and micro-influence to obtain an explosive recipe, discover our article on the coupling of the two layers of influence.


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