The hotel sector at the influence era

The hotel sector is in the process of digital transformation, just like the Accor group, which presented its digital transformation plan just one year ago.

On the communication and marketing side, hotel groups therefore rely on a strong trend, influence marketing. Hashtag, influencers, UGC, we will see some examples of this trend.

Relais & Châteaux and the delicious journey.


The Relais & Châteaux association will unveil in March an interactive campaign that will allow influencers and customers to share their experiences under the #delicousjourneys hashtag.

This campaign will combine the content of influencers, who have a strong power of recommendation to their community, while allowing customers to share their moments of life within hotels, the latter will have a strong power of persuasion in peer-to-peer via the generation of UGC.

The linking of the layers of the pyramid of influence is an ideal strategy for the development of the brand image.


When influencers rip off a hotel room

The power of influencers on instagram is strong, and the Metropolitan Paris has understood this well.

The new opinion leaders have increased the room reservation rate by 50%!

The recipe? A breathtaking view of the Eiffel Tower in a prestigious district of the capital, a perfect place to showcase your offer, while leaving total freedom to the influencers who were invited, the content was real, authentic and this conquered the Internet users, to such an extent that it will now take at least 4 months to rent the Eiffel Suite 611, perched on the 6th floor of the Parisian hotel.


Best Western combines different media strategies

To compete, Best Western had the good idea to share articles on its various destinations on its blog called « Best Experience » to arouse the envy of its prospects.

To increase the authenticity of its offer, the hotel chain also stages the moments of life of its customers or employees within the hotel.

A coupling on both Earned and Owned media that allows to link authenticity and quality content.

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