UGC: why include it in your marketing strategy?

User Generated Content (UGC) or is on the rise. They can make a huge contribution to a brand. 


Here are 4 examples of their usefulness in your marketing strategy:

 1/ Bringing authenticity and credibility:

Consumers are waiting for more authenticity from brands. Now used to brand marketing speeches, they want real content that expresses a real opinion. They can be identified in the UGC submitted by buyers. It is for them a sincere guide in their purchasing process.

In figures:

– 83% of people trust the recommendations of their relatives. 

– 92% say they regularly read reviews online.


2/ Develop your sales:

Thanks to the authenticity of the UGC, consumers will be able to rely on them in their purchasing process. The Bazaarvoice study shows that UGC are essential to increase turnover and improve conversion rates in all sectors

In figures:

– a product sheet with 50 consumer reviews increases the conversion rate by 30%.


3/ Improve your online visibility:

UGCs make it possible to develop the visibility of an online brand. Indeed, the content generated by consumers affects their own community but also potential buyers of your products who can see comments, notes and photos. With a few hundred ambassadors, you can generate several thousand UGCs.

In figures:

– French people spend an average of 2 hours a day on social networks.


4/ Reuse them without moderation:

UGCs can also be reused by your brand in media coverage to bring this authenticity mentioned above and show a certain transparency. We have the recent example of Amazon using real comments for its media plan. We have also, on several occasions, reused the ambassadors’s content to promote new products.

In figures:

– an Air France study showed that the reuse of UGC on Facebook Ads reduced the CPC (cost per click) by 21% and increased the CTR (click per impression) by 11%.

At Sampleo, we have already generated more than 1.6 million UGCs through our brand ambassadors!


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