Tiktok the network that is growing in influence marketing

Tiktok is an application launched in September 2016 in Asia by ByteDance and popularized in August 2018 in France.

Tik Tok’s concept is to film yourself at home for a few tens of seconds singing in playback accompanied by a song. The success is dazzling, in only two years of existence the application already has nearly 1 billion users !


Why does it work?

The application owes its success to the concept of short videos that had already proved its worth with Vine until it was discontinued in 2016. In addition, the user has a very wide choice of songs, and can add many filters and visual effects to his mini-video.

Every week, Tik Tok offers on its official account challenges to Internet users: the #TikTokchallenge. They are almost immediately relayed throughout the platform and tested by all users. Internet users are thus retained.

However, it can be seen that the vast majority of users are from generation Z.

As a result, it remains complicated for some brands to find their way around this application because it is neglected by some millenials, and because brand audiences oriented towards Boomers or Silvers are not present.


Who’s on Tiktok?

On tiktok we find the upper part of the pyramid of influence. Top influencers such as Lisa and Lena (32 million followers) or Jacob Sartorius (20 million followers) are present.

There are also many Micro-influencers (between 1K and 100K followers).

Brands have begun to see an interest in the excitement around TikTok and partnerships between brands and users are beginning to emerge, including brands targeting young people, from generation Z. However, it will still take time for the platform to reach the level of Instagram in the coming months or even years.

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