Microinfluence at the heart of Brand Content trends for 2019

For 2019, microinfluence will be at the heart of marketing and brand content trends.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

A brief look back at the year 2018.

Voice Search, Live streaming, Augmented Reality or Podcast, these were the key words of 2018 in Brand Content. While 2019 seems to be moving towards similar themes, some are emerging more and more and could be at the heart of the 2019 trends, among them, microinfluence.


What about 2019?

In the midst of the progress of Voice Control, video and audio or storytelling but also personalization via data, micro influence should experience a real boom in this new year. A quick overview of one of the strata of influence marketing.


What is microinfluence?

Microinfluence is the collaboration with a microinfluencer, which has fewer subscribers than a macro or top influencer, but which remains an expert in a field, food, cosmetics or fashion, it is followed by a loyal community (between 5k and 100k followers), particularly interested in the field of expertise of the microinfluencer.

 Why choose microinfluence?

If macro-influence makes it possible to create a real buzz, built around a celebrity or a top tail, micro-influence (long tail, mid tail) is distinguished by a much higher engagement rate, according to a Markerly study, a micro-influencer will generate 4 times more like on instagram than a top influencer, and almost 13 times more comments.


Macroinfluence allows a high reach (a high number of impressions), but targeting remains less precise than when choosing microinfluence, which through the selection of an expert influencer in a field, allows a more precise audience to be reached. In addition, a brand can create a strong relationship with influencer communities and significantly increase a person’s brand image and ability to recognize it (Brand Awareness). Moving towards a microinfluence campaign limits the costs associated with partnerships, coupled with a high engagement rate as mentioned above, this makes it possible to consolidate the R.O.I. in order to have good commercial benefits for the company.

An alternative, Nano-Influence

In addition to macro and micro influence, another layer of influence marketing exists: Nano-influence

The aim is to transform your consumers into brand ambassadors, this allows your products to be distributed to a targeted audience precisely to generate online content (UGC) and rely on the referral power of offline ambassadors with word-of-mouth.


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