Linking nano and microinfluence in your marketing strategies

Looking for consumer commitments and authentic opinions, brands are increasingly turning to nano-influence and microinfluence for their marketing strategies.

If these two strata of influence marketing do not meet the same challenges, they remain complementary if we want to set up an optimal influence campaign.

Nano-influence, a nenewed authenticity.

This part of the pyramid of influence is essential if we want to engage our consumers so that they can become brand ambassadors and recommend it to their surroundings. This strategy consists in creating online content through your consumers, whether it is opinions on your site or on e-marketplaces or photos or videos on social networks. Thus, UGCs are incorporated into your marketing strategy.

User Generated Content brings many advantages:


  • Authenticity and credibility
  • Sales development
  • Increases your online visibility
  • Can be reused in your media strategies


Offline, your consumers will spread the interest of your products with word-of-mouth referrals, since 83% of people trust the recommendations of their relatives, this is a real advantage for your brand image and notoriety.

Microinfluence, making your brand credible thanks to experts.

Another key point of influence strategies is the micro stratum, which allows you to collaborate with micro-influencers, experts in a field, and thus give your brand credibility among their subscribers.

These subscribers are particularly loyal to micro-influencers and will have a high engagement rate with their posts, which will allow them to develop an interest in your brand and interact with it. Indeed, if you choose the influencer well, the influencer’s community will associate the values of the person they are following with yours, so they will be more likely to become new customers for you.

Why link both ?

Starting from a nano-influence campaign, the targeted audience will generate online UGCs and offline word of mouth. In a second part dedicated to microinfluence, an expert in a specific theme will redirect a large audience to your brand, this community will then be reassured by the opinions previously given by nano-influence and thus maximize the conversion rate of the micro-influence campaign


Sampleo has launched Talent Web Academy to offer nano- and micro-influence solutions to support you in your marketing strategies.


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